Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement for Certificate of Negative Result of Nucleic Acid Tests for Covid-19
In accordance with the announcement of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the General Administration of Customs of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, starting from 24 August 2020, foreign passengers who are to fly from South Korea to China, directly or indirectly, will be required to take nucleic acid tests for COVID-19(PCR)  within 5 days (120 hours) before boarding and only those who test negative will be allowed to board the plane.  The following procedures are for your reference:  
1.  Nucleic acid test should be taken at designated hospitals or institutions (please see the attachment) within 5 days of the departure date of the flight and paper report in either English or Korean is needed.  English version is recommended when passengers leaving South Korea for China via a third country or district.  Please make sure that the test report is issued within 5 days of the departure date of the flight to China. 
2.  Passengers who are to board direct flights from South Korea to China are required to present the paper report with negative result during check-in or before boarding. Please be noted that only the test report issued by designated hospitals or institutions are accepted.    
A child under 3 does not need to take the test if his or her accompanying parent(s) meet(s) the requirement of boarding.  
3.  Passengers who are fly from South Korea to China via a third country or district are required to apply for certified Health Declaration Form issued by Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in South Korea before departing from South Korea.   
Passenger shall fill in and sign the Health Declaration Form (please see the attachment),  then submit online or email a scanned copy of the signed Form, together with the Nucleic Acid Test Report (with negative result) and a photocopy of the bio-page of the passport to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates General in South Korea according to the consular jurisdiction.   
Embassy in South Korea online  
Consulate General in Busan:  
Consulate General in Gwangju:  
Consulate General in Jeju:  
It usually takes one business day to process. After approval, certified Health Declaration Form (with the official seal of the Embassy or Consultes) with a validity period of 5 days starting from the date of issue of the Nucleic Acid Test Report shall be sent back to the passenger by email. It needs to be printed out and carried throughout the journey. Passengers are advised to transit before it expires, and be prepared for checking by the airlines during check-in or before boarding. Passengers are also advised to bring the Nucleic Acid Test Certificate (with negative result) to the airport in case of the need for further inspection.  
A child under 3 does not need to take the test.  When applying for the certified Health Declaration Form, the test report of his or her accompanying parent is required.
Please be noted that a certified Health Declaration Form is not an alternative to a Chinese visa.  
Designated hospitals or Institutions
Health Declaration Form